Anyone can climb

Opened everyday, an entrance to Le Rempart will offer you a free access to the bouldering gym. Our areas are specifically dedicated to every levels of practice: one for training, one for fun, one for children.

About our bouldering areas

La Zone 47

Here are 7 grades of difficulties (yellow, orange, blue, purple red, white and black). In 1947, the first climbing path in the world was marked in the forest of Fontainebleau on the Rempart boulders. The name of this area is thus a tribute to this past.

Le Bilboquet

This area is exclusively dedicated to children. In that way, every child below 12 years old can be safe to enjoy climbing and to have fun. This boulder offers even more surprises with a hut and a slide. Playing, learning and fun guaranteed!

Les Big 6

The name of this imposing wall has been inspired by the famous Big 5 of the Rempart in Fontainebleau (Big boss, Fourmis rouges, Tristesse, Big golden and Atrésie). It will thus offer competition problems to test your strength and abilities. With patience, you may be able to feel the joy of a victory well deserved.

La Forge

Training can be compared to forging the best blade. This is why our team brought together what is best to help you in your mutation to pure roc material:

  • Reclining walls (54m²) full of holds to let your imagination create limitless amount of problems – 25m² for the Pan Gullich
  • An area with hangboards, a monkey bridge and gym apparatus
  • A reclining “Mother board” full of wood holds
  • A muscle-development area with weights dedicated to the best climbing training
  • A cardio-training area inspired by cross fit activities

Baby climbing
from 4 to 6 years old

– On Saturday and Sunday mornings at 10am.

From 7
to 9 years old

Class of 1h15 per week during the school year:
– On Monday from 5pm to 6:15pm
– On Wednesday from 9am to 10:15am
– On Thursday from 5pm to 6:15pm

From 10
to 13 years old

Class of 1h30 per week during the school year:
– On Tuesday from 5pm to 6:30pm
– On Wednesday from 10:30am to 12pm

From 14
to 17 years old

Class of 1h30 per week during the school year:
– On Monday from 6:15pm to 7:45pm
– On Saturday from 9am to 10:30am

Experimented group

Cours annuel (scolaire) de 2 x 2h par semaine
Class of 2x 2h per week during the school year. Only dedicated to experimented climbers who are more than 12 years old and who will have succeeded in a test adapted to their age
– On Monday from 8pm to 10pm and on Wednesday from 1pm to 3pm

Baby climbing

On Saturday and Sunday mornings at 10am.

Discover climbing with your family

On Saturday from 1pm to 2pm.

Come and share a moment of conviviality while initiating a practice adapted to parents and children!

We will make sure to give you the necessary guidance for you to start fully in safety.

Course structure

With the various grades and wall inclinations that Le Rempart offers, children can progress whatever their ages or climbing levels, with the help and monitoring of our climbing teachers. All of them are experts in climbing, so they will guarantee the safety of your children and will guide them with adapted advices in order to lead them to progression and fulfilment.

There will be 12 children maximum in all of our groups, in order to ensure a necessary quality in our teaching. Moreover, all the classes will be performed in dedicated areas to guarantee safety and learning in the best environment possible.